Channel Partners

CaprusIT Redefining The IT Culture

TrueTec Systems is the Official Channel Partner for Caprus IT. We have Partnered with CaprusIT for Promoting its Products & Solutions which is in alignment with our teams core strenghts. TrueTec also works with CaprusIT on select development projects.

CaprusIT is a global software solutions and integration services provider that designs, develops, integrates and maintains business applications to solve complex mission critical business problems of its clients. Caprus IT has strong footprints in Dallas (United States) and Hyderabad (India). It continues to groom and set standards for innovation and quality, thanks to its key asset – people. The Caprus IT story began in 2007 and over the years it has delivered path breaking solutions from enhancing the effectiveness of a CRM initiative, increasing efficiency in supply chain management or transforming business processes to implementing an enterprise solution. Caprus IT helps organizations address key business challenges by building custom solutions for the enterprise needs. Caprus IT is also a technology partner to US based EmpowerMX& Integration partners to Pradeo and Epsilon Tel.

CaprusITinvestments in various segments, industries now ventured into Wholesale Voice with the best of Industry Experience and Setups around the world. Our Moto is to excel in what we do and provide with the best possible competitive business to our partners and competitors too.

CaprusIT is an International Wholesale Voice Carrier, our team’s strength is based on its International experience with leading names from the Industry. We are rapidly making our presence felt through various interconnections with leading groups from these regions. CaprusIT is focused on fair business practices and strategy. Although we aim for the Sky, we keep our feet are Grounded to understand and overcome the challenges we face and promote a fair trade in the industry as we Pioneer a New Way of Doing Business!

CaprusIT is a USA registered premium Voice/ VoIP service provider, offering best-in- class and affordable custom made solutions to its customers.

Having partnered with some of the largest and niche carriers around the world, we offer our customers the best pricing and quality for all our offered services.

Jupiter Management Consultancy (JMC) - United Kingdom

JMC is the Official Channel Partner of TrueTec Systems. JMC has Partnered with TrueTec Systems for Promoting its Products & Solutions across the European Region. TrueTec supports JMC in all it's application development and consulting assignments.

Jupiter Management Consultancy is a (London) UK registered Management Consultancy organization.

Jupiter Management Consultancy is specialized in providing management consulting solution to multiple industries in United Kingdom region. They help in business process optimization, talent acquisition, IT application/web development consultation, maintenance and support solutions.

Their consultation is extended to process improvisation with cost effective measures and also help in evaluating efficiency of work force and assist in improving productivity of the team.

JMC promotes TrueTec’s products and services across European Region.

Pradeo - Beyond The Impossible

TrueTec Systems is the Official Channel Partner for Pradeo (CaprusIT).

PRADEO SECURITY solution delivers a complete, automatic and seamless protection securing Apps, Network and Device layers. From the testing of your Apps to the protection of your mobile devices, PRADEO SECURITY automatically detects and prevents threats and vulnerabilities providing an incomparable protection to master your mobile security.

In 2008, Clément Saad, President and Founder of Pradeo presents his PhD in Information Security at the French Ministry of Defense. Facing the success of mobile applications, he has the conviction that soon we will have more Apps than websites. He is convinced that the historical approach to application security (as offered via antivirus solutions) is a dated and obsolete approach and he had the idea to develop a behavioural analysis engine to protect mobile applications "users and publishers".

In 2010, after 2 years of laboratory research, the co-founders team confirm the feasibility of the technological advance and decided then to initiate an entrepreneurial approach. In 2012, Pradeo raises its first funds in order to have the appropriate resources to produce the first marketable versions of its security solutions for smartphones & tablets and the IoT In 2013, after several years of Research & Development to perfect the technology and its adequacy to the market’s needs, Pradeo launches its first solutions based on its Trust Revealing™ engine In 2014, the first major signatures had been concluded, materializing the relevance of its solutions to new threats related to mobile applications.